Travelling with a chronic illness can be tough and brings with it a lot of challenges but with the right preparation and the right mindset it can be incredibly rewarding. Follow along my travel journeys for tips on travelling as a young person with rare disease, chronic illness, and disability.

Although Mitochondrial disease is a genetic condition that I was born with, I didn’t start experiencing significant symptoms that impacted my daily life until I was 17, with my diagnosis not coming until years later at 24.  In the early years of being chronically ill I was still functional enough not to require too much accommodation other than a bit of extra time to rest here and there.

I undertook my first backpacking trip while chronically ill with the help of my best friend several years ago and since then have travelled to several countries and continents, all well my health deteriorated.  Now with the help of family and friends I have made it my goal to travel and explore as much of the world as I can while my health still allows it!

Can’t wait to see where life takes me next!